About me and this blog


My name is Patrick Meyhöfer, born on 09/01/1989, living in Mannheim – Germany, working as a Software trainer and I started this blog at the beginning of the new year in 2017. It is more a playground for testing purposes of the underlying infrastructure (my virtual server, Linux, HTTPS encryption etc.) and not so much a real blog with a lot of content – at least not for the moment but we will see how it continues. 😉

Don’t expect here much content, but I think I will write some blog posts anytime I found some interesting on the web. So no long instructions how you can do this and that, more for me some short reminder, a place to get free space on my mind and so on. The topics can be some personal stuff, traveling, technology, a funny video – so no limitations that restricts me.

Also I want to take the chance to improve my english writing skills, because in my old blog I write only in german, but I want to test how it feels to do some blogging in english. So excuse my typical mistakes, I’m for sure bad in grammar and all these stuff, but what can be better as practice it here and improve it hopefully with each new post.

So thanks for reading and maybe you will find some interesting content that helps you or at least enjoy you!