7 Jan, 2017

My Blogging Experience with Markdown and iA Writer

I personally used the official WordPress editor a long time for all kind of writing. After it getting more and more features like distraction free writing I don’t get a reason why I should switch to an external editor to write my short blog posts.

But what is the reason why I’m not using it anymore when I’m saying that I haven’t much to complain? The simple answer for me: Markdown Support and offline writing.

Of course there are some popular plugins available, that gives you the function to write your blog posts in markdown syntax – the most popular one that is also used on wordpress.com is the Jetpack plugin – but not everyone want to use this plugins if it is not in the standard software of WordPress.

The second reason is that sometimes I worked in an offline setup, because I’m traveling in the train or sitting in another country in a hotel with a bad internet connection. So my aim is to open a editor and write my thoughts without thinking about to log in to WordPress to write a blog post.

There are so much markdown editors available that you have already a lot of great options and you can decide which fits your personal needs the best (check for example this long list of tools for markdown ). I am personally very happy with iA Writer, because it gets continues development, apps for different platforms like Mac, iOS, Android and some additional approaches for my writing workflow.

One thing that I really like and improve the general markdown experience a lot in my opinion was coming with the last update version 4 from mid november. Check out the blog post from the developers, then you get the idea maybe better as I can describe it here.

In this release they introduce an easy way to integrate images, but also tables in the CSV format or other texts as well in your text only by writing


and the content will be integrated into your normal editor. So you can write your thoughts and not going away from your keyboard and use the mouse to copy anything.

Especially if you have long text and also a lot of pictures it was pain to search the correct image path and write it in the correct syntax in the editor.

Another nice feature is that they have built in WordPress support. So it is not necessary to export first my text into HTML and then publish it in WordPress. Instead I can export it directly as a draft. I’m only missing the possibility to publish it directly maybe directly with date and time options to postpone it.

Final Thoughts

At the end everyone need to find their own workflow. But I can recommend to try some other concepts and not only the normal WordPress editor. It takes some time to feel comfortable with the new setup but as longer I used the new setup as happier I was.

If you have another setup I am interested to hear your workflows how you write your blog posts!